Areas of expertise

Civil Law
Defense of individual interests related to assets and property.
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Corporate Law
Trade, from contracts to opening and closing a business.
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Security Law
Risk is an element that permeates living in society
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Administrative law
Focuses on the study of Public Administration and the activity of its members.
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Tax law
Tax law is the segment of financial law that defines how citizens will be charged.
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Labor Law
Regulation of labor relations, regulating the legal status of workers.
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Direito Médico
Os problemas éticos e jurídicos da relação médico-paciente demandam uma atuação especializada e preventiva.
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Our offices focus on providing excellent service for our clients, its model is for our team to provide a personalized professional service. Through this model, each of the controlling partners, advises the lawyers of their specialty, and together they jointly handle related matters, this furnishes full knowledge of the real needs of our clients and finds the most appropriate legal instruments for their satisfaction.